Genesis of the project:
the "fragrant Web" of France Telecom

It comes from the spinoff of an R&D program of France Telecom. Launched in 1998, the project benefited during its development phases from strong media coverage and sparked interest among customers. The program was concluded in 2003 by a pre-commercial experimentation with numerous partners including L'Oreal.

Besides commercial usage, various studies have shown real potential of technology in the public, in video games, television, advertising and e-commerce.

The company

Exhalia was created in September 2004. Company headquarters and the laboratory R & D are based in the region of Saint Malo, France. Exhalia has a sales office in Paris and subsidiaries in Japan, the United States and Hong Kong.

Exhalia is composed of a multidisciplinary team of employees based in France as well as international partners.

Products and Services

Exhalia controls the entire olfactory chain, from design to distribution.

  • Scent marketing for your stores and your institutions,
  • Signatures fragrance development allowing you to stand out and create a special bond with your customers,
  • Production of fragrance campaigns for your promotional campaigns and your POS,
  • Design of multi-sensory entertainment (video, audio, 4D ...)
  • iSampler: USB web key for your scented product customer gifts, Can be used for promotion

Our various products and services are based on a common philosophy of using modular components that allow technologically innovative products to all types of markets.


  • Vision: The contribution of NTIC (New Technologies of Information and Communication) to the fragrance broadcasting market in stores, in public places and at home provides new services and create value.
  • Exhalia’s goal: Become the market leader providing interactive fragrance delivery.
  • A way: Offer OEM solutions or our own solutions, based on a unique and innovative technological advantages.

Our values

  • Innovation
  • Professionalism
  • Service
  • Quality
  • Responsive
  • Inclusive