A fragrance suitable for POS
French perfume oils, not chemicals

High quality perfume oils are used to deliver a rich scent experience.

The uBox POS range ...

... highlights your brand

Caudalie uBox POS

uBox POS is dedicated to scent communication at the point of sale. This wide range allows you to present the fragrance of your brand or your products for your customers to discover and promote sensory memory of your brand.

... small profile

Soupline uBox POS

Easy to install and completely stand alone, our range of POS diffusers use AC power or battery power. With a battery life of one month (cartridge and batteries), our range is suitable for the duration of your promotional event.

... diffuse your perfume or signature product scent

Axe Apollo uBox POS

Thanks to the experience of its teams, Exhalia brings you all the professionalism required to create a multi-sensory communication with your customer.