Scent your communication

Increase brand recognition and improve the impact of your communication campaign playing on emotion.

Scented brochures

Customize all your paper documents with ink or a scented varnish.

Dissemination of a microencapsulated fragrance when skin comes in contact.

Scented sachets

Passive diffusion of a perfume. Usages :

you can take it in hand, in the car, put it in a drawer, put it on a POS.

Dissemination of a perfume on dry beads.
Possibility of using biodegradable beads.

Scented discovery box

Discover the scent playfully. The opening of the box triggers the scent diffusion.

Distribution of a single scent in dry beads
Container can be a custom size and shape.

USB fragrance

The scent diffusion will start when the key is connected.

Can serve as customer gift, promotional, Aromatherapy