A complete range suitable for all your installation of olfactory environments needs.

With our uScent UBox products and we guarantee:

  • The uniform distribution of your perfume from beginning to end of life of the cartridge.

  • Dry broadcast, sound and free deposit and environmentally. our products do not contain solvents.

  • A meeting deadlines for the use of perfumes.

  • Simple programming and limitless anywhere from a computer, tablet or smart phone.

Our products are aimed at:

  • The hotel industry

  • Health facilities

  • Offices, medical offices, pharmacies ...

  • The ready to wear sector and shops

  • hygienists

The range uScent

The diffusers of the range uScent allow the diffusion of a fragrance dry substrate surfaces of up to 120 m2.

Discreet and silent, they will create the atmosphere of your choice without even to be noticed, to the delight of your customers.

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The iScent platform

With the iScent system you control your uScent and UBox diffusers accurately. You ability to change the programming at any time of day or night for optimal and economical distribution.

The iScent interface is simple and intuitive, simply to have Internet access to use it. You control your devices from any computer, tablet or smartphone.